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Soma bay windsurfing clinics

I just held my first windsurfing clinic. 6 days on the water, planing, foiling or lightwind practice. I chose Peter Müellers SurfMotion centre in Soma bay, Egypt, to host the clinics from due to the perfect surroundings this area offers.

Egypt is probably one of the areas in the world that offers best all year round wind statistics. Summer is awesome, but also wintertime has very decent statistics. And with the immediate proximity to Europe, no time difference/jetlag to speak of and perfect conditions I have been drawn to this area since I started windsurfing 8 years ago.

Windsurfing clinics in paradise!

As you can see from the pictures we're windsurfing in the most amazing sheltered lagoon, where you can choose between three areas - the inner lagoon is shallow, 100% safe and is perfect for beginners or if you want to practice new techniques.

Lagoon one and two - #1 is the small one near the surf centre, perfect for beginners and for learning new stuff.

The participants skills ranged from beginners to advanced. Together with the participants we analysed their learning goals, and used one-to-one, photo and video feedback to assist their learning.

Three of the participants were beginners, Soma bay is the perfect place to start, even in stronger winds.

Gunnar is on an intermediate to expert level and came to work with his jibe exits. His stance was also corrected a little to improve speed. He was maybe the participant that got most out of the gear demo. In case you dont have a network where you can test different kinds of gear, it can be really hard to know exactly what stuff you should by next.

The sandbanks outside Surfmotion makes it possible to be really close to the participants when they're sailing, which makes tuition easier and more effective.

Teaching windsurfing in these surroundings is a privilege!

Most of participants rented gear at Surfmotion, but as we brought tons of our own demo-gear from Loft/Patrik and Gasoil, they could test some of our stuff as well.

We also brought two foils to test, but as the conditions were good most of the time, we hardly got to use them.

"I dont like foiling"-Gunnar, foiling for the first time! 400 meter flight on the first attempt made his day!

Pina Coladas at the beach bar every afternoon!

Windsurfing is certainly a sport which is highly demanding and difficult to master. The comfort of sticking with what you define as good enough does often come at the expense of development, which too often causes stagnation or even regression. Finding yourself in a situation like this often equals loss of enthusiasm and risk of losing interest in windsurfing, which you must avoid at all cost!

The solution is as challenging as it is obvious - you must accept leaving your comfort zone! The moment you risk falling, you feel stupid or inadequate, that’s when you start to develop.  That is - if you’ve got a plan, there’s no point in going out there without a clear idea of what you are going to practice on. 

This is why windsurfing clinics are the perfect tool to get yourself going again!  Nothing beats hanging out with other windsurfers, challenging your limitations in a way you never would do on your own.  

Welcome to this summers clinics in Norway - I'm staying at Canvas-Hove camping site for the duration of the summer, and will host clinics, as well as receive drop-in classes.

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