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My speed sailing debut!

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

More forgotten clips from my laptop. We had almost too much material from Luderitz, so we didnt get around to making an edit. So heres a quick edit from the dreaded Namibian ditch! I arrived there with no clue what to expect, my speed sailing experience was very limited, and all of my gear was right out of the bag, brand new. So basically I just threw some of it together and went for my first run, pretty amped up from nervousity. To my surprise, I found my inner super-Miriam that day

:D It turned out that my moderate ADD-disorder had something in store for me, which I’ve never experienced before: Hyperfocus. Whereas ADD normally leaves you restless and unfocused - under certain circumstances everything changes - the world starts moving in slow motion, everything becomes crystal clear , sounds muffle, and its like seeing whats front of you in a tunnel. This is hyperfocus - I just didn’t know I had to go 80 km/h on a windsurf board to experience it!
:D I felt like Peter Parker in the spiderman movies, just chilling - everything around moving sooo slow! Anyway it was a great experience - I felt so accomplished and in control, it was like I’ve been doing this all my life. What is your hyperfocus experience? Do you have to go fast like me, or are there other circumstances that allows it to kick in?

I hope I can go to Luderitz again this year. As some of you know, I had a serious neck injury this spring, which left me flat out in bed for 6 weeks. I’m so much better now, but there has been a certain degree of instability in my condition. The past couple of weeks I’ve been better though, so if all goes according to the plan, I will start working again the 1. of november, and will have to take my summer vacation soon after that - guess where I’ll be going!

I would love to go back - as you can see from the vid, theres quite a few things I can work with in regards of both trim and stance, so I reckon i can go a little faster this year. Loftsails, Patrik Windsurf International, GlideSoul, CHRIS BENZ Watches, Unifiber Windsurfing Equipment, Surfers.no Gasoil Fins