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First day in Luderitz

I continued where I left last year, with a marginal improvement of my 42.93 knots/500 m.

My first day in Luderitz was a little hectic. Last year, I could enjoy a couple of nice days with moderate winds before the stronger winds arrived, today was brutal in comparison. The combination of a very broad angle and strong, gusty winds made the ride very difficult, from start to finish.

butterflies in my stomach, preparing for my first run of the day

Getting started in gusts of 40-50 knots was difficult in itself. Then, after slingshotting into the course, the wind was very uneven because of the broad angle, and at the end the chop became quite big.

I had to very cautious in all of todays run, so this is me in survival mode :)

Going down the course the strong gusts tried to lift me up. Normally I would sheet out, but because of the broad angle I had no more to give, so the ride was quite scary, like almost catapulting two, three times every run. Today was the first day I felt I could use some more lead than the 5 kilos I had in my west.

wohoo, celebrating that I stayed alive with a laydown jibe at the end

This year two other Norwegians also came to Luderitz, Morten and Rudolf. Its both nice and cool to see more Norwegians down here.

Today was a little scary, but also a very fast day for many riders. I must admit I didnt feel like going for more runs that I did, instead I hope that tomorrows big forecast bring less gusty winds from a better angle. And if not, I'm mentally prepared to charge harder than I did today.

Some of the guys went well over 50 knots today, cant wait to see how fast they'll go tomorrow!

This is what your harness hook feels about catapulting in 38 knots! :D

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